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Unless differently described, the rental price includes unlimited mileage, basic insurance (for damages to third parties or to the transported passenger, as required by Croatia law) and 25% VAT. In some models the 3 cases are included, in some others 2, 1 or none cases are included (see specifics of each bike).

All the gear (helmet, gloves and motorcycle jacket), extra insurance (typically 25 euros per day).

To confirm the booking, you need to pay a 30% deposit. At pick-up you will be requested to pay the balance.

To rent a motorcycle in Croatia with Spalato Moto Team you can pay by cash, by card or through our Google pay and Apple pay. You pay 30% up front when making the reservation, and the rest, 70%  is charged on the day of the rental. Once on-site, there is also a deposit charged by the method of preauthorisation hold. This means, we reserve or “freeze” the equivalent amount, depending on the motorcycle model you rent. We make the balance unavailable until you return the motorcycle. This is the motorcycle rental liability insurance in case of any damage or theft.

To clear up any confusion, in Croatia there are four types of motorcycle licenses

AM license: formerly known as a moped license. With this permit you can ride two- and three-wheel mopeds up to 5 cc, and light quadricycles.

A1 license: you can ride motorcycles up to 125 cc and 11 kW of power.

A2 license: only adults can acquire one, and it allows you to ride motorcycles up to a maximum power of 35 Kw.

License A: the one we request at Spalato Moto Rental, the king of motorcycle licenses, the one that every motorcycle maniac has. This license has no power limits, and is valid for any and all motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles.

You must to be at least 21 years old and have at least 2 years of A2 license driving experience

You must have a credit card to make the security deposit.

To pick up the bike you must present your passport and driver’s license. You should also have an International Driver’s license which is required by European Law.

If you want to rent a motorcycle in Croatia, in addition to a valid driving license, you will have to present valid ID. If you will be coming by plane, you will, of course, need a passport or identity document, and that will be enough. If you belong to the European Union you can travel with an identity document or passport. However, if you belong to a country outside the EU you must travel with your passport.

If you decide to cancel your rental for whatever reason, not depending on us, you will have the following penalties:

30% of deposit is withheld for cancellations received from the moment the booking is confirmed until the payment of the balance (due 30 days before the beginning of the rental)

50% of deposit is withheld for cancellations received from 30 to 15 days before the beginning of the rental

100% of deposit is withheld if cancellations are made less than 15 days before of the beginning of the rental.

Yes, you can change your rental dates for a fee under the following conditions: Rental dates can only be changed once. The rental dates change must be made at least one working day before the start of the rental and the new rental dates must be given when the change is made. The new dates must be within 12 months of the original rental start date. THERE IS A SURCHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. THE SURCHARGE IS EQUAL TO 20% OF THE RENTAL PRICE OR 100 EUROS, WHICHEVER IS GREATER.

There are unlimited kilometers included on rentals of 7 days or longer. On rentals from 1 to 6 days there are 300 kilometers per day included in the rental price. Any extra kilometers over the 300 km limit will be charged at a rate of 0,30 EUROS per kilometer.

For young drivers, under the age of 25, it is illegal to have any alcohol in their blood system. Drivers over the age of 25 have a limit of 0.5%.

The shortest rental is a one-day rental during working days, Monday through Friday. For weekend rentals there is a 2-day rental minimum (Saturday and Sunday) with pick-up on Friday night and drop-off on Monday morning (provided those days are not holidays).

Basic insurance: for damages to third parties or to the transported passenger  as required by Croatian law.

Yes, we offer an extra insurance (typically 30 euros per day). 

We do require from 500 up to 1500 Euro security card deposit. At the check in we pre authorize your credit card in order for you to return the bike in same conditions as taken. Security deposit is cancelled when bike returns after rental period. Damage in excess of 1500 Euro is covered by insurance. Also, insurance covers theft damages.

Any motorcycle small damages are covered by the deposit. The rest is covered by our insurance.

Our staff will do their best to get the bike going again. If the bike has an irreparable problem, we will try to get another one as soon as possible so you can continue your trip. In case we do not have more available bikes, you will be fully refunded. Please note that all motorcycles used are recent bikes which are meticulously checked prior to the tour by official brand dealerships, and have unblemished track records.

 We provides you with a 24-Hour customer service and help telephone you can call for immediate assistance. Our team will make arrangements to have the motorbike repair shop to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our motorbikes are new and regularly maintained, which offer you reliable ride, but if malfunction happens, we will be there to help you.

If breakdown happens due to your fault caused above regular wear and tear, cost of towing and repair will be charged to a renter.

Track riding and non-asphalt roads are strictly prohibited on all Spalato Moto Rental motorcycles. There is no insurance coverage on the motorcycles for off-road or racetrack riding and you will be responsible for the full amount of the damages and loss of income to Moto Spalato team.

Rental is covered in Croatia as well as in all EU countries. It is also covered in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. You are good to cross the borders for free with our Standard Package or with a €10 fee per day. Just prepare your documents; passport and vehicle documents.

Spalato Moto team does rent quality motorcycle gear including helmets, motorcycle jackets and gloves. To find out more about our equipment rental and prices please contact us.

Absolutely! Spalato Moto Rental stations have free luggage storage. Any bags that you do not want to take on your motorcycle adventure can be left with us until your return.

It is only possible to pick up or drop off the motorcycle in our rental location: Split

Spalato Moto Team will pick up and drop off customers’ motorcycles at the airport. The motorcycles must be picked up and dropped off at our rental center. This is where we do all the paperwork and sign the contracts.

Usually weather conditions are not a valid reason to cancel a rental. Only in case of objective danger on the ride, the rental can be postponed or canceled without penalties

If you meet these requirements, organising a trip to Croatia and renting a motorcycle to explore the country is bound to be the best decision you’ve made in a long time. Get ready to enjoy the experience of a lifetime!