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Honda XL750

The legendary name returns with the all-new 2023 Honda XL750 Transalp. Honda’s new Transalp XL750 adventure bike is a classy, affordable all-rounder with the easy manners of the original but with added fire in its belly, thanks to its wonderous new motor and pin sharp handling.

Honda have worked hard to keep the Transalp’s weight down. The tubular steel diamond frame weighs 18.3kg. That’s 18% lighter than the Honda NC750X’s and 10% lighter than the Honda CB500X’s.

All that work paid off and the Transalp weighs just 208kg, fully-fuelled so it’s easy to manoeuvre at low speed. The Transalp may look like a physically tall, domineering off-roader, but it’s actually low, soft and manageable once aboard.


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