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Vintage Vespa P200E

In our fleet, we proudly offer the Vespa P200E series from 1982. This classic series represents the last of the “classic” Vespas produced by Piaggio’s factories. While they may not possess the most elegant styling, the P-series Vespas are renowned for their robustness and durability. Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle for an afternoon and relish the exhilarating experience of riding a vintage Vespa along the stunning coastline of Split. Be prepared to turn heads as you expertly navigate the city, becoming one of the tourist sights yourself. Take advantage of numerous photo stops along the way, and if you’re sharing the Vespa with a companion, enjoy the opportunity to switch places. Before embarking on this remarkable journey on a vintage masterpiece, we will provide you with basic instructions and safety information. Keep in mind that this Vespa has a manual gear shift. We reserve the right to assess your driving ability and the confidence of your passenger, and therefore may decline the rental of this specific Vespa at any point, without refund. In such cases, an alternative option may be offered.


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